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We have heard the suspicion that the Parc Vendôme Independent Owners (PVIO) was started to promote a particular personal agenda. It is NOT the case!!

We started the Parc Vendôme Independent Owners (PVIO) web site/forum thinking the Parc Vendôme community would like to come together in common fellowship of our shared common interest without the overtones/direction/influence of the governing Board of Managers. An independent site where all owners are free to express themselves including owner board members.

The Parc Vendôme ownership community is comprised many individuals, families and points of view which spans a wide range of various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds and various lifestyles, experiences, and interests. Our common Parc Vendôme fellowship is living/owning at the Parc Vendôme condominium. Not everyone will always agree and that is OK as long as we are civil, polite and neighborly with each other.

The PVIO site was envisioned to let the quietest and loudest voices be heard. It was envisioned so that the emerging Parc Vendôme body politic would be independent from the Operational Management. It is intended to be a site where all minority & majority opinions would be freely shared.

The PVIO online community provides affinity, identity, and kinship that makes room for ideas, thoughts, and solutions. We believe active participation in the Forums allows all to aspire and inspire each other. Many other online social networking sites also offer platforms for discussion of topics but unlike the PVIO the other sites don't try to provide the underlying security that the PVIO does.

Parc Vendôme owners are at their best when they can talk with another, disagree, even argue, while keeping the dialogue polite, civil and ongoing.

Unfortunately, there is a prior unnecessarily fearful belief that there could be repercussions when speaking out, and so in the past some have avoided speaking to people with whom they disagree. It is our intention that the PVIO be a place for all to express themselves freely.

The PVIO invites all Parc Vendôme owners to share their thoughts with civility while seeking agreement. Owners may use the platform to build healthy disagreement and a constructive dialogue while treating other Parc Vendôme owners, regardless of their opinions, perspectives, or political leanings with respect and the kindness of a good neighbor.

It's about listening to another viewpoint, and even if you don't agree with it, seeking some understanding of the other's perspective or stance. It's about using what you hear to challenge and/or affirm your own views while staying curious and open minded about anothers' perspective. It's about the ability to enjoy the banter and debate while constructively moving discussion forward.

Remember that your individual power comes from good communication and by exercising the democratic process that our Parc Vendôme bylaws provide. The best use of the democratic process requires our being a well informed community so that there is good understanding between us all and those we vote for (empower) to lead us (ie., the board of managers).

The PVIO welcomes every owner. We hope that you will use what is posted here to broaden your views and that the PVIO forums will help community members to learn and grow. Hopefully the PVIO site will plant seeds that develop and make life better for all at the Parc Vendôme.

Our community must also understand that the people we elect to the board are volunteers with limited time and often do not possess the experience, skills, abilities or knowledge in building management to support their fiduciary good intentions. The board needs to understand that the community is watching out for expensive, manipulative, undesired or unintended results. And at the same time our Parc Vendôme community needs to provide the elected Board with our awareness, support and understanding.

In summary, the fundamentals of PVIO participation are:
  • Engage in civil conversation
  • Agree to disagree
  • Build respect/understanding for each other's point of view/issues even if you disagree
  • Learn to listen to all sides
  • Use what you hear to challenge and/or affirm your own viewpoints
  • Stay curious about our community.
The PVIO vision is an engaged community that values the opinions and ideas of others and is committed to civil behavior and discourse that can lead us closer to workable solutions.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations discussion
ongoing and unresolved.

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Instead of a cumbersome wheelchair elevator:

The Parc Vendome condominium is a 4 building complex in the heart of New York City. The complex is historic and located in a wonderful neighborhood. The people at The Parc Vendome include owners of units, renters of units, commercial space owners/occupants, Condo management personnel, building staff, service contractors and many wonderful neighborhood establishments, services and opportunities.

We want the web site to develop in two ways. Public facing and Private. General things like where in the neighborhood there are grocery stores, cleaners, hospitals or what are the differences between owning a condo vs a co-op or what's happening in the neighborhood or photos or whatever the community wants to share will be public facing (i.e., accessible by anyone). Where things might be better being more private and just seen by owners residents, these areas of this site will require authentication/password access.

For to develop into anything, it will require the web site's content to be developed by volunteers. No technical experience required. We will take care of all the behind the scenes tech stuff. Just provide the words/photos/video/audio and we will do the rest.

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and/or volunteer to be content manager/editor
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There are several web sites on the Internet that suggest they are related to the Parc Vendome. Not all Internet Parc Vendome web sites provide as much privacy as All of the other sites, that we are aware of, are hosted by third parities like Google, BuildingLink and others. The web site is hosted on a private server which is owned & controlled by a Parc Vendome owner who very concerned about the Internet privacy issues.

As an example, a Parc Vendome site hosted by Google means that Google and their third party partners have access to the information on and the registered users info of that PV site. Google makes money sharing/selling the information they collect from the Google hosted PV site. Besides how this might relate to your own personal privacy, it could also affect the property values of the Parc Vendome because truly private PV info is shared and sold.

Our web site's only actively is to effectively enhance communication between PV owners/residents/staff while doing our best the ensure privacy. The Internet is wonderful communication tool. Activity anywhere on the Internet also comes with risks that may not be obvious until its too late. There are no guarantees by anyone. We do what we can to maximize PV owners/residents/staff communication while minimizing their mutual Internet footprint/exposure.

Please note there are both public and non-public parts of the site. The public facing parts may be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world. The non-public parts will require registration and/or password authentication for access.

We hope and trust users of this site will respect what is private.

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