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There are several web sites on the Internet that suggest they are related to the Parc Vendome. Not all Internet Parc Vendome web sites provide as much privacy as ParcVendomeNYC.org. All of the other sites, that we are aware of, are hosted by third parities like Google, BuildingLink and others. The ParcVendomeNYC.org web site is hosted on a private server which is owned & controlled by a Parc Vendome owner who very concerned about the Internet privacy issues.

As an example, a Parc Vendome site hosted by Google means that Google and their third party partners have access to the information on and the registered users info of that PV site. Google makes money sharing/selling the information they collect from the Google hosted PV site. Besides how this might relate to your own personal privacy, it could also affect the property values of the Parc Vendome because truly private PV info is shared and sold.

Our ParcVendomeNYC.org web site's only actively is to effectively enhance communication between PV owners/residents/staff while doing our best the ensure privacy. The Internet is wonderful communication tool. Activity anywhere on the Internet also comes with risks that may not be obvious until its too late. There are no guarantees by anyone. We do what we can to maximize PV owners/residents/staff communication while minimizing their mutual Internet footprint/exposure.

Please note there are both public and non-public parts of the ParcVendomeNYC.org site. The public facing parts may be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world. The non-public parts will require registration and/or password authentication for access.

We hope and trust users of this site will respect what is private.

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